Professor Roland Pellenq Biography

Dr. Roland Pellenq is a computational materials scientist with a strong interest in the physics and mechanics of micro- and nanoporous materials and confined fluids. He graduated in 1994 with a PhD in Chemical Physics from Imperial College, London; and is currently a 1st Class Research Director at CNRS, the French government research agency and a MIT Senior Research Scientist.

R. Pellenq’s research is dedicated to the development of bottom-up simulation approaches (starting at an atomistic level of description)  for a large variety of critical problems in energy and environment related materials research, ranging from hydrogen storage and CH4, CO2 water adsorption, sequestration in porous carbons and shale gas to the stability of nuclear fuels, and fundamentals of cement and concrete research. His research interests focus on the thermodynamics and dynamical properties of molecular, ionic and covalent fluids confined in porous materials using simulation techniques with an effort toward integrating realistic inter-atomic potentials and material texture description from nano to µm-scales. Dr. Pellenq is the author or co-author of more than 120 papers published in major peer reviewed scientific journals.

R. Pellenq was also one of the co-founders and lead scientist of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, CSH@MIT, opened October 2009, an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the cement and concrete industry.

R. Pellenq was hired as a MIT Senior Research Scientist in November 2010 and is the head of the CNRS-MIT joint laboratory "Multi-Scale Material Science of Energy and Environment" open in June 2012 and located on MIT campus in Cambridge, US.